Summer House by LASC Studio

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A sense of nostalgia and shelter exudes the once abandoned farmhouse residing in Osterlen, Sweden. The contemporary design of LASC Studio blends nature, light and space within the delicate realms of this home. The conversion of the house was meant to bring in a feeling of belonging as two thirds of the interior walls were taken down while the original windows and floors were kept. A fusion of bright colored surfaces adds a pristine feature to the pale and bleached palette that connects to the scenery outside. Hues appear and disappear as one travels from one space to another. Placement of the stairs, windows and floors highlight the meetings of the differing surfaces as the two-sided stove marks the center of the home bringing in an amicable meeting of the new concrete floor with the old wooden floor. An experience of simplicity and comfort transcends throughout the residence with its vibrant splashes of color and direct link to nature.

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