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Taste of real wood

Where does the typical barbecue taste come from? In Germany, many barbecue fans prefer charcoal to gas grills due to the results in taste. Charcoal consists of pure carbon to a large proportion.

When carbon is burnt, water and carbon dioxide are produced. None of them provide the grill stuff with taste. So this must come from something else. Finally, it is the evaporating and burning grill stuff remains, such as meat juice or grease – very problematic healthwise.

Experts like Stephen Raichlen, author of theBarbecue Bible, prefer real wood for the ultimative barbecue taste. It bestows an imcomparable note on the grill stuff. When barbecuing with wood, the taste comes from the fuel. Wood is thus the only source which gives the grill stuff its taste. This also happens when curing meat, for example.

Barbecuing over real wood is very laborious. First you have to let some pieces of wood burn down so as to grill over the blaze. Beech or oak are very suitable, but not just any type of wood.

It is much easier with Bob Grillson. He burns high quality hard wood (e. g. beech and oak) in form of practical pellets. Bob is clean and comfortable. The addition of expensive chipped wood for the flavour is in the past.

You will find more information in our Pellet Guide.

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