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Pavillon360 – Success in the red dot product design award 2011

[Bregenz.] Glas Marte GmbH’s Pavillon360 was convincing: the high-profile jury of the red dot design award, one of the most prestigious international product competitions, has now honored the Pavillon360.
With this award, the design experts celebrate products which distinguish themselves through particularly inspired detailed solutions.

As a pavilion in the classical sense, Pavillon360 is a viewpoint and an eye-catcher at the same time. It seems transparent and fragile but effortlessly rises to every challenge. Four glass elements arranged in pairs like windmills carry the ceiling like a mirror image of the floor. No strain, no pillars.

Self-supporting glass structure.
Pavillon360 seems so minimalist in its simple elegance, yet its opportunities in terms of form are so individual. Various floor and ceiling elements plus a selection of exclusive interior fitting options, e.g. a suspended design fireplace or an inbuilt refrigerator that can be sunk into the floor, allow the user to have his heart’s desire fulfilled.

Designed by architects Jürgen Stoppel and Nuyken von Oefele, the technically complex structure was built by the famous Vorarlberg glass construction firm Glas Marte, as this architecturally demanding building could be built to perfection from a technical, static, and optical point of view only by a firm with solid experience in building self-supporting glass structures.

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