Phyto-Purification Bathroom

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During its filtering process, the water goes through different steps :

– The rushes are planted in sand which filters larger particles. The root system of the rushes contain various bacterias which break down these particles for absorption by the plant.

– The reeds are planted next to the rushes as they have the ability to filter the heavy metals from the water.

– The floating water hyacinths draw through their roots some of the water borne particles which are still present in the water.

-The lemnas, which are also aquatic plants, bind to the remaining aquatic micro-organisms to complete the filtering process.

-Finally, a carbon filter stops the remaining micro-particles.


Group project developped Jun Yasumoto,  Alban Le HenryOlivier Pigasse and Vincent Vandenbrouck

Photos and text courtesy by Jun Yasumoto


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