Wonderwall Studios

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Wonderwall Studios is a young, innovative design company born of a vision to create inspirational wall panelling. Founded in 2010, Wonderwall takes a radically fresh approach to classic building materials. One dimensional thinking is out and one dimensional walls are out with it!


Wonderwall’s debut collection challenges the very conventions of interior wall covering. The result is a uniquely transformational portfolio of panels.Working directly with specialist Indonesian artisans, we carefully select and repurpose the most characterful indigenous hardwoods this extraordinarily beautiful region has to offer. Exquisite natural texture and warmth meet contemporary Dutch design, investing walls with a soulful, architectural grace.Wonderwall is about joyous, natural materials and sustainability through reclamation. It is a holistic approach to design, characterised by complete involvement with our materials and people at every stage of the creative process.

Photos and text courtesy by WONDERWALL STUDIOS

source http://www.wonderwallstudios.com


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