Soe Ker Tie House

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Soe Ker Tie House

The Soe Ker Tie House is a blend between local skills and TYIN’s architectural knowledge. Because of their appearance the buildings were named Soe Ker Tie Haus by the Karen workers; The Butterfly Houses. The most prominent feature is the bamboo weaving technique, which was used on the side and back facades of the houses. The same technique can be found within the construction of the local houses and crafts. All of the bamboo was harvested within a few kilometres of the site.

The specially shaped roof of the Soe Ker Tie Houses promotes natural ventilation within the sleeping units and at the same time rainwater can be collected and stored for the dry season. The iron wood construction is assembled on-site using bolts ensuring precision and strength.

Location: Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand
Client: Ole-Jorgen Edna
Project: Dormitories
Cost: 68.000 NOK / 11.500 USD
Building period: November 2008 – February 2009
Built by: TYIN tegnestue/Local Workers from Noh Bo
Pasi Aalto
Andreas Grontvedt Gjertsen
Yashar Hanstad
Magnus Henriksen
Line Ramstad
Erlend Bauck Sole

All photos: photographer Pasi Aalto/

Photos and text courtesy by Tyin Architects

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