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Hilla Shamia, explain the project:
My concept derives from the emotional need for a product.
I have noticed that people build stronger emotional connections with imperfect objects. objects that have got their usage imprinted on them.
As a designer, I have always been more interested with these imperfections than with the obvious «perfectly controlled» product. Much of my work involves nature. Nature is full of seemingly imperfect, unpredictable processes from which everything emerges.
It is these processes in nature that led me to examine how objects get their character from their imperfections, and how I, as a designer, can create objects in which the defect is a positive and desirable aspect.
I chose to use a whole tree trunk. This enables me to preserve the natural form while still having clear boundaries. The square shape enhances the overall sense of artificiality, but nevertheless leaves the memory of the material. The technology I use is pouring molten aluminum directly on the wood. With the wood darkening at the surface where the touch of the hot metal burns it. The wood is then cut up lengthwise and processed in its final form, and inserted into a mold which defines the furniture’s frame and legs.
The casting process is accompanied with high heat, flames and smoke. When the metal is cooled down and the mold breaks apart, the furniture reveals he dark border between the hot metal and the wood.
The object which is a result of this process is the evidence of the drama that happens in the production process. The outlines of the materials enable us to observe the leakage of the metal, the carbonized wood and the drama which is frozen for good.
Like nature, the final product is unique. No two pieces are identical. Like nature, the process is shown and the results are surprising. The incompleteness and randomness give the product its aesthetic value.

Please visit her site: http://www.hillashamia.com

Photos and text courtesy by very gentle Hilla Shamia

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