DIY A BOAT in 3 days

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Build your own boat in only 3 days of funny and artisanal work!

A step by step guide help you in this adventure! Amazing.

Paul and Phil are Fyne Boat Kits, and started off in 1998 in the Lake District with an ethos of demystifying boatbuilding and a mantra of  ‘My project, my boat, my dream’. In the centre of their business are  their computer-guided, pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-machined wooden boat kits. They send these totally complete kits  from their workshop to enthusiasts all over the world.

Alongside the kits, they supply constant mentor support of telephone advice seeing customers through every stage of the build, sometimes only to assure them that they are doing things right. Their designs range widely from canoes and kayaks to a small cabin cruiser and cater for the entire spectrum of practical ability.

Step by step, info and many more photos here: Classic Boat

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