Foundation projects: Straatlokaal, social gathering in the city

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In three Utrecht districts a container is filled with materials to be found in the area. In no more than a week, a small house will be constructed using those materials. All three structures will subsequently be relocated to centre square the Neude where, together, they will form a pavilion with a bar and events.
5 – 10 May Neude, Utrecht |
A social design project by Foundation Projects i.c.w. Born Digital and Sonostruct~

CoNtAINer hoUSe
A construction container developing into a house. It initially formed the idea for a logo for Rikkert’s design studio Stortplaats van Dromen (Dumping-ground for Dreams). Jet thought it was too complicated to be a logo, but saw the potential to actually execute the idea in real life.
Two years on, that day came. During the international Public Design Festival in Milan, designers Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten realize their first homemade house under the name Foundation. A container is placed in a supermarket parking lot in the middle of a working-class district, and Jet and Rikkert go out into the neighbourhood with a small
team of people to gather materials. The stuff they collect isn’t just refuse found on the streets, but also donated by residents, such as old wood from sheds, furniture that has been sitting in attics for years and discarded interior furnishings from local entrepreneurs. Within a week, the container transforms into an actual little building, with a bar.
During the festival, the bar becomes a meeting point where people share a coffee and show each other what has been done with their old stuff.

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Photos and text courtesy by Foundation

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