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Sempre per la serie sfruttare con sistemi comodi d’aggancio legni trovati o comprati su misura, questi brackets in acciaio per costruire di tutto, tavoli, sedie, scaffali, cuccie ecc ecc

Prezzi 4 a 45euro e 8 a 80euro

Chairs, desks, shelves, benches… all of it becomes a matter of cutting some board, and connecting the pieces with the PLY90. Tightening of this connector is done through a central lug nut, using a simple 3/16 Allen key; the PLY90 does’t even require drilling.

We like it a lot! It’s a smart, elegant way to make your own things, and the final product has an industrial chic that we really dig. It’s not super cheap though: 4 connectors are $45, 8 for $80, 16 for $139, and 50 for $375. It’s a pre-order on Kickstarter, with shipping in November if fully funded.

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