Easy Compost- Home Composter by Gallegos Design

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Imagine that everyone could be able to process his own organic waste at home…

The size of the landfills would be reduced and the resources employed to pick up and dispose the waste would also be diminished.

Nobody likes to have organic waste hanging around the house. It smells bad, is difficult to handle, and carries diseases with it. 0ver 40% of the waste we produce everyday, is of this type.

Imagine being paid for your trash instead of paying to get rid of it…

Easy Compost is a device utilized to process organic waste at home, especially in the city where space is very limited. Because not everybody has a garden to make compost the traditional way, it was designed to operate inside of the house, in the kitchen right where most of the garbage is being produced.

It does not need electric power or chemicals to operate. It is made with recycled plastic and needs no screws or other additional mechanical unions.

The waste is turned into a useful material that is good for the environment.

Users and the environment would benefit from the compost being produced, as it could be used at home or it could be sold as well, therefore being an incentive for people to recycle.

Photos and text courtesy by Marco Gallegos

Info http://gallegos-design.com/



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