Rethinking Everyday Objects- The Fan

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With this project I wanted to transform a mundane household appliance into something unusual. The Fan is the first of a series of objects to which its original function and form has been altered. Distorting the scale and manipulating the materials gives the fan a new character with an added value.

Simplicity is an important part of the design and all components are stripped down to their minimum. The wooden propeller is made out of 3 bent plywood parts. These were designed as a hyperbolic paraboloid defined by a mathematical equation: y*x*x/(32*90) + y*x/(2*90) – y/(90).This assures very smooth surfaces that efficiently move the air. The cage was reduced to a 28 inch ring that rests on top of a 6 foot high wooden tripod. The result is a new interpretation of the traditional fan that earns a distinguished space within the room.

Photo and text courtesy by Gallegos Design

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