Bowen Mountain Retreat by CplusC Architectural Workshop

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Bowen Mountain Retreat

Commissioned as a weekender, this simple yet unconventional pavilion grew to include extensive landscaping, swimming pool, pool house and sauna facilities once construction had begun and the commitment of the builders could be clearly seen. Both Client and Architect worked closely to ensure that the many necessary ‘design on the run’ decisions were suitable to both site and budget.

The structural steel frame was on site welded prior to shot blasting and finishing in a two part epoxy coating. Both new and recycled Australian hardwoods were then used to frame the steel structure with western red cedar doors and windows used extensively to complete the space. This fenestration also provides connection from inside to outside, cross-ventilation, views and spatial flexibility from season to season.

Over 1.8km of decking and 28,000 stainless steel screws were used in the construction of the decking platforms that surround the pavilion and the pool ensuring that the project will stand the test of time.

Both water and sewerage are collected and treated on site with LPG bottles supplying cooking, hot water and heating needs. Renewable Australian materials with natural finishes were used predominantly in the project with stains, oils and plywoods preferred to plastics, paints and plasterboard typically used in conventional construction. All plants used in the landscaping are natives including the water plants and the fish in the pond.

The project represents the commitment of both client and architect alike to passive solar design, environment, high quality construction and the relationship of a project to the landscape in which it is to become part of.

Architect: CplusC Architectural Workshop

Photographers: Murray Fredericks, CplusC Architectural Workshop

Photos and text courtesy by CplusC Architectural Workshop

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