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Progetto ambizioso? Costruirsi da soli casa, pezzo pezzo come fosse Lego?

Anche se a cifre mi pare esagerate, sinceramente, è possibile con questo kit!

An Entire House That You Snap Together, Like A Toy

The house, built from sustainable wood and made using digital software, is a kit of parts that took just six weeks to construct.
A pair of Danish architects partnered with Facit homes, a London-based digital fabrication and architecture specialist, to construct a two-bedroom house out of parts produced in a rapid-prototyping machine. The 1,250-square-foot Villa Asserbo–named for the small Danish town 50 kilometers outside of Copenhagen, where the house sits–was built from 400 Forest Stewardship Council-certified Nordic plywood components designed in digital software, fabricated using a CNC miller, then snapped together (each part came with a number for easy assembly). All told, the house took just six weeks to build and cost $300,000.

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