Netatmo, Personal Weather Station

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Netatmo, a company dedicated to designing products that monitor the weather and
environment, unveils its Urban Weather Station, a new device specifically designed for
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that allows users to monitor indoor and outdoor environmental
elements including temperature, humidity, a i r p r e s s u r e , C O2 l e v e l s a n d m o r e .
The Netatmo Weather Station quantifies personal environments like the home and
office, and wirelessly transmits data through WiFi to the Netatmo App, which features an
intuitive, easy-to-read interface.
“Air quality and weather conditions are a daily concern for city residents around the
globe,” said Fred Potter, CEO, Netatmo.
“By integrating air quality sensors into an easy-to-use personal weather station,
specifically designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch we’re able to help users improve
their indoor wellness and adapt their outdoor activities – creating a better way of life for
With this WiFi connected Personal Weather Station, Netatmo also aims to create the
largest weather and air quality monitoring network ever established.
A key innovation in the station is its ability to evaluate indoor air confinement by measuring CO2 concentration. When C02 reaches an excessive level, the user is alerted directly on his or her iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, and can take action like ventilating his or her home.
The Air Quality conditions reported by the Netatmo App also allow users to assess the
best times for outdoor physical activity, when to commute versus drive to work and more – all instances where Air Quality is of the utmost importance.



Photos and text courtesy by Netatmo (Photo: Masaki Okumura)


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