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SOLAR SCHISCETTA is a low-tech object, inspired by the observation of everyday life: the habit of consuming home made meals outside home. It is a rudimental solar oven, which is an ancient technology, now applied for a food packaging. Solar Schiscetta is a lunch box that drives the consumer’s actions in order to improve food and time quality. To wait for reheating the food to a turn, it’s strongly related to the consumer’s will to follow a natural and cyclical time, the solar time.
Solar energy is the catalyst. Solar schiscetta works exposed to the sun for a variable time depending on the type and quantity of food to be heated (from 10 ‘to 30′).
It works according to the solar cooker technology: a number of reflecting panels oncentrate the sun’s rays on a transparent, high temperature resistant bag containing food. Once heated the bag is opened and the food is ready to be eaten.
In Italy In the ’50s comes the “schiscetta”, a product that met economical and practical needs of workers. The term “schiscetta” comes from the Lombard dialect, but all over the world you can find examples of container for a packed meal: from the lunch box (Anglo-Saxon world) to the bento box (Japan), everywhere you track down the practice of eating cooked food carried in a container. Solar Schiscetta goal is to stimulate best practices for object multiple-use versus the disposable habit: its functioning requires solar energy wich is inexhaustible, and its proper use and storage allows the durability of the object.
SOLAR SCHISCETTA is a project from
presented by Best Up and Cascina Cuccagna during the Milan
Design Week 2012.



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