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Desktoop in the fifth season / Within the framework of Utrecht Manifest no.4, biennial for social-design, designers examined how the New Worklandscape might look like. As part of this, a number of designers working for Werklandschap EET (Worklandscape: Eat) and developed tools and strategies to taste the area Rotsoord. In my research I focused on the question whether we can grow food crops in the workplace. Besides the four seasons outside the office landscape offers a fifth season. This artificial season, where it is always light, dry, sunny and 20 degrees, offers the ability to produce crops who can join at lunchtime. The office diary is mixed with the farming calendar. The Desktoop offers a place where work and growth come together. Working on the Desktoop the employee is surrounded by his crops which he casually cares for. The drawers under the desk, redundant because there is less use of paper, has been converted into a greenhouse. The desk light is replaced by a grow lamp. Klaske Oenema made the radio play “The Office” in which a picture is given of the new practices that arises when the firm ground in the fifth season is put to use.

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Photos and text courtesy by Nienke Sybrandy for Studio NSybrandy


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