Sustainable Dance Floor

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The Sustainable Dance Floor™ is the first dance floor that captures the energy of dancing. The energy produced by movement is converted into electricity that is used to make the dance floor react to the dancer in an interactive way.
The floor provides a unique visual experience on every energy level, from ‘loading’ and ‘average’, to the maximum level of the evening: ‘ultimate high’! All visuals are a continuous real-time interaction between the clubbers on the floor, allowing every individual’s actions to contribute to the collective experience.

One of the most important aspects of the Sustainable Dance Floor is its feedback system: people dancing on the floor must understand that they are the ones powering the floor. The basic visual feedback are the LED lights in the floor; these light up when modules are being stepped on. The sensitivity and colors can be adjusted. Next to the floor, there can be two different feedback systems that provide the experience of the dance floor.

Short history outline
SDC started out as the upshot of a research project ‘When Nature Calls’ conducted by Enviu – innovators in sustainability and Architect Firm Döll. The result of the research project was the sustainable dance club concept, an idea that was officially launched in Rotterdam Club Off Corso in 2006 with the event ‘The Critical Mass’. At the end of 2007 SDC BV was realized with the founding of the organization and development of product prototypes. In September 2008 Club WATT in Rotterdam was opened as the first Sustainable Dance Club™ showcasing the earliest model of the Sustainable Dance Floor. In 2009 an updated version of the SDF was launched and transported all over the world for a wide variety of clients. Projects ranged from permanent installations at museums in Miami and Philadelphia to pop-up events around the globe in Vancouver(Ca), Shanghai(Ch), Salvador(Br) and Abu Dhabi(VAE).

Sustainable Dance Club™ believes that having fun and taking responsibility for our world should go hand in hand. We do not believe that profit should be the only focus of a modern society.  We want to make the world a better place while having a good time and we want everyone to join us. Therefore SDC’s vision on sustainability reads:  People, Planet, Party!

Our mission is:
‘To create personal experiences where sustainability and fun are combined. To inspire (young) people worldwide to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.’

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