PUMA introduces InCycle collection, biodegradable and recyclable products

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Sportlifestyle Company presents concept of sustainable Footwear, Apparel and Accessories for Spring/ Summer 2013 to help its consumers reduce waste and mitigate their personal environmental footprints

Sportlifestyle company PUMA will be launching a collection of shoes, apparel and accessories that are either biodegradable or recyclable when consumers return them to PUMA’s Bring Me Back Program at the end of their lifecycles. With the PUMA InCycle collection, coming into stores in Spring/ Summer 2013,PUMA takes a first step in addressing the environmental footprint of its consumers’ disposal, helping them to reduce their personal waste generation.

“While we have already implemented numerous initiatives to reduce PUMA’s footprint on our mission to become the most desirable and sustainable Sportlifestyle company, the PUMA InCycle collection is the first step to help reduce the amounts of garbage that consumer products cause at the end of their lives,” said Franz Koch, CEO of PUMA. “We feel that we are responsible for the environmental impact our products cause and this innovative concept in sustainability is a first step towards our long-term vision of using innovative materials and design concepts for PUMA products that can be recycled in technical processes or composted in biological cycles.”





Cover: The picture shows the biodegraded remnants of the PUMA Incycle Basket that was shredded before being composted in realistic conditions in a laboratory after six months. (Picture: Ralf Rödel)

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