Yield Picnic Bag / Blanket

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The Yield Picnic Bag unfolds from bag to blanket in one zip for the more spontaneous picnic.

Picnic anytime.

Yield Bags use a zipper instead of seams, allowing them to unfold flat and reveal a clean surface for use indoors or out. They’re perfect for an afternoon in the park or a play date with kids. Designed for flexibility, the Yield Bag is your everyday carry-all, grocery tote, lunch bag, and more.

Simplicity is a key element in spontaneity. Yield Bags use one continuous zipper which acts not only as the bag’s handle, but also unzips to reveal the contents inside.

Dimensions zipped: 12.5″ H, 10″ x 6″ base.
When unfolded, the blanket measures 36″ H x 49″ W

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