Wood Paddles

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Porn! Wood Paddles

Ok ok my brò and I are kayakers, ok we love the wood and the design and we love the artisans still working carefully by hand … but I must say that these handcrafted wooden paddles are true masterpieces!

I can not add anything else!

Perfect Wood Handcrafted Masterpieces!

SANBORN CANOE COMPANY, at its origin, was a summer hobby by a few buddies to build a cedar-strip canoe with little more knowledge than we had gleaned from a how-to book, purchased at the local bookstore. By the end of that first summer we had a sturdy canoe and a keen interest in crafting a few paddles to ply it. Learning everything the hardest way possible, it seemed, by trial and error we succeeded in carving out a few paddles. Those first paddles led to the desire to learn more and then more about paddle making, until we had made more paddles than we could ever use. And curiously to us, some folks liked them. Wham-Bang, Sanborn was born!

Visit the site SANBORN CANOE for more photos, models and e-shop them!
Price about $150


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