Mono Pitch – Modular Garden Studios by Eco Space Studios

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We love Eco Space Studios and we have already published here.

This structure is even more The Nest Way.

Simple, clean, compact but light and airy. All in a small space.
Out some green and a good sauna like this and you solved!

Come on Brò!
Price from £ 35.000 (configurator here)

A mono-pitched roof is a different storey.

A sloping roof with skylight creates a bright and airy interior. The extra space above becomes a mezzanine chill out pad for two-storey loft style living.

  • Uses the latest Modern Methods of Construction.
  • Mezzanine style loft living space.
  • A typical studio takes Just 7 days to install.
  • Built to modern housing standards.
  • Can be exempt from planning permission

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