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GrubHubUSA, manufacturer of the world’s lightest and most portable outdoor workstations, is shipping patented new Grub Hub® camp kitchen.

The new Grub Hub® camp kitchen (pictured) provides almost 9 square feet of table space with a central aluminum surface for typical 2 burner camp stoves. An elevated tower supports cooking utensils, lighting and gravity fed water. The tower also keeps condiments, can opener, matches, cooking oil, soap and other kitchen necessities at hand. The unit’s main storage compartment has three adjustable shelves and almost 4000 cubic inches of space for organizing pots, pans, dishes, stove, fuel, paper towels, and other kitchen gear.

The Grub Hub® is shipped with many standard accessories including a collapsible kitchen sink and a weather resistant paper towel holder. The entire unit folds down to the size of rolling luggage in minutes for easy transport and weighs about 45 pounds loaded with gear according to online product information. Some accessories, (such as the stove, lantern water bladder and spatulas) are shown only to illustrate usage. They are not included with the standard product.

The concept was drawn up in minutes upon returning from the trip but nearly 8 years passed from inception to product delivery. During this period Baughman built prototypes, was awarded patents with over twenty two claims and overseas production was established. Baughman adds, “the general concept was simple enough, yet there were challenges at every turn managing weight, durability, functionality and cost. Every part such as the moulded tables, aluminium extrusions and fabric organizers were developed from scratch, yet all had to work and fit together perfectly. I made many trips back to the drawing board to build the product the way I envisioned it. After nearly eight years of development, camping trips, and feedback from users, I am very confident campers will enjoy the product.”

In addition to all types of campers, Mr. Baughman hopes to attract the scientific and medical communities as customers. He says that “While we need to focus our marketing efforts, we will keep looking for new customers that value highly portable organized outdoor work space. It would be very rewarding to see Grub Hub® work stations in use around the world for uses ranging from camp kitchens to first-aid and emergency response stations.”

GrubHubUSA is developing additional products and camp kitchen accessories including a gravity fed water delivery system and a soft sided cooler that fits inside the Grub Hub®.
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Photos and text courtesy by Grub Hub® Outdoor Workstations and Camp Kitchens

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