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The FASB Concept

It was clear from the first moment: we did not want to design a vehicle that would be limited in taking you from A to B. Others have already done that.

At Xkuty we have tried to capture those unique sensations experienced when you go jogging, do sports, cycle or simply walk and have applied them to your daily commuting. This is how the FASB (Fully Assisted Bike) concept was born: by incorporating a hub motor on the Wheel, we have eliminated the need for chains, oil or petrol, and have solved three problems at one go: noise pollution, air pollution and dirt. The arrangement of the parts has been designed so that you do not have to get down or kneel on any surface or in the garage where you may get dirty.

What is more, we have reduced the total maximum weight of the Xkuty. As a result, its energy efficiency has been doubled: the battery uses less and you can handle your bike with ease.

Info www.xkuty.com

Photos and video courtesy by Xkuty

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