Family house in Český ráj by Stempel & Tesar

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To all intents and purposes is the project we have in mind for years.Equipped with sauna! Fantastic and wonderful!To be copied in its entirety!

Czech studio Stempel & Tesar has completed a house that looks likes it’s being swallowed up by the landscape.

The family house is located in Český ráj, an 18,000-hectare nature reserve also known as Bohemian Paradise, and the house nestles against a hillside blanketed with grass.

Stempel & Tesar tunneled down into the landscape to make room for a sauna that had been requested by the client. “We decided to add a basement rather than increase the footprint of the house,” architect Jan Tesar told Dezeen. “It wasn’t too complicated to build because of the sloping site.”

Source Dezeen

Family-house-in-Cesky-raj-by-Stempel-and-Tesar_2 Family-house-in-Cesky-raj-by-Stempel-and-Tesar_3 Family-house-in-Cesky-raj-by-Stempel-and-Tesar_4 Family-house-in-Cesky-raj-by-Stempel-and-Tesar_5 Family-house-in-Cesky-raj-by-Stempel-and-Tesar_6 Family-house-in-Cesky-raj-by-Stempel-and-Tesar_7 Family-house-in-Cesky-raj-by-Stempel-and-Tesar_8

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