This Stool Rocks by James McBennett

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Amazing project from Kickstarter


DESIGN – We eliminated all complexity, resulting in a minimal form that is beautiful because of its elegant simplicity.
SPEED – The stool isn’t a pain to put together like other ready-to-assemble furniture. It can be assembled or taken apart in less than a minute.
SHOW IT OFF – ‘This Stool Rocks’ is a cool, remarkable product that will be the centerpiece of your room.

OPTIONS – Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Easy Rock and Personalised.

HARD ROCK: 360° full rotation, needs to lean against wall when left alone as doesn’t stand by itself.
SOFT ROCK: Rocks forward and back.
EASY ROCK: The most stable stool, rocks forward only.
PERSONALISED: Have your name or logo carved into your stool. We will ask you to send us information later in the campaign. (Logos will be preferred in vector formats, feel free to ask for help.)

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