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The Anti-Bottle is a reusable water bottle designed to stand when full and can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty, making it easy to use and carry on any adventure. Unlike bulky, rigid bottles, the portable Anti-Bottle can be easily tucked away, conveniently fitting into pockets, purses and packs.

About 87% lighter than typical rigid bottles, the slim, flexible Anti-Bottle only packs water weight. It also uses less energy to make and transport than rigid bottles, so not only is the Anti-Bottle light on your load, its environmental impact is also pretty “lite.” Vapur now has multiple product lines of Anti-Bottles, ranging from the highly-technical Element to the Quencher line for kids.

Vapur Shades Collection
Equipped with Vapur’s widemouth Supercap® and an integrated clip, the .5L Shades Collection bottles are freezable, dishwasher safe, BPA-free and made in the USA. Versatile and efficient, the bottles fold up when empty for easy storage in a purse or bag. Available in five colors: cool grey, true green, cyan, hot pink and purple.

Vapur Eclipse
Equipped with Vapur’s widemouth Supercap® and an integrated clip, the new Eclipse line comes in a matte finish in .7L or 1.0L. Freezable, dishwasher safe, BPA free and made in the USA, the Eclipse bottles fold up when empty to go virtually anywhere. Available in olive green or night blue.


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