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3 years ago, Sunny built his first bamboo bicycle and completed a solo cycling expedition around Central Asia and Asia, covering 3,792 miles (6,103km).

Riding on tough terrains during the expedition taught him a lot about riding comfort, bamboo as a raw material and bicycle design principles. I was also pleasantly surprised at how a natural material like bamboo can break language barriers to create conversations and bring people together.

It has been 3 years constant trial and error, research and tests. And I can say that you will be delighted with our new range of technology-infused natural handcrafted bicycles.

You have to ride it to believe it.

Bamboobee has come out with an in-house technology, Honey Infusion that prevents bamboo from cracking, solving world’s most common problem for bamboocraft. The aesthetic value will last and therefore consumers can appreciate bamboo products for generations.

Taking an old idea with a twist, it is the world’s first nature and technology-based handcrafted bicycle that brings you simplicity and happiness.

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