Hosewear. Bags made from fire hoses

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Hosewear make bags out of decommissioned fire hoses. Each bag has a unique look and a life-saving story to tell. Some have markings from firefighters on them, some have hoses serial numbers and some are more worn out than others but they all look awesome with their rough past of active duty.

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Messenger bag is made of two different kind of up-cycled fire hoses – gray and red, whereas the red one is thicker than the gray one. The inside of the gray fire hose has been used to get the black color on the messenger bag.



The iPad sleeve. It’s available in red, white and yellow. The red firehose has had a particularly interesting life, so the sleeves look a bit rougher, while the white and yellow ones look more respectable, for lack of a better word. What’s for sure is that no-one else has an iPad sleeve that looks exactly the same, and never will.


Phone sleeve. The red fire hose is a bit thicker and the gray one has a canvas look on it, but they  both keep your phone safe from rain and softens the landing, in case you drop it.


Laptop bag. Light gray, dark gray and red. Some might have serial numbers, some might have notes and marks from the days of duty on them – and each one has a story.

We make the laptop bag in 3 sizes: for 14″, 15″ and 17″. The 14″ one also perfectly accommodates 13″ computers like a Macbook Pro.


All photos and text courtesy by Hosewear


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