Milano 2013 – FOODSCAPES at FOODMADE (Padiglione Italia)

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The project investigates the essence of food seen in a panoramic view from the industrial production to its individual consumption. By the analysis of the pre-cycle of food, and with that the origins of the food before it comes to our tables, it is underlined how, almost in an unconscious way, our food is inducted to grow and become eatable by some industrial logistics, which are far from our natural necessities. Conceptually, our food becomes a container to be filled with the projections of our shape and taste notions: a mix of biologically modified substances, extruded against its nature and with no possibility of failure.


100% peanut husk and potato starch

100% carrot peel and potato starch

FOODSCAPE is a shell created withfood waste.

It has the shape ofa seedand is suitableto containdry foods.Designedto fit into thelogicof natural cycles, once depletedits use, itcan be dissolved inwater andused tofertilize the soilFrom seed tofruit, fromfruittoseed and from earth to earth.

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FOODSCAPE_arachide02 FOODSCAPE_arachide04 FOODSCAPE_arachide06 FOODSCAPE_carota_texture FOODSCAPE_carota02 FOODSCAPE_carota05 FOODSCAPE_texture

WHOMADE.IT in collaborazione con MICHELA MILANI

WHOMADE / design for the avant-craft is a research brand of products raising the idea of a cutting-edge craftsmanship, for a new narrative of the object. From their creative studio, Edoardo Perri and Dario Riva promote a design action, alternative to the rapid consumption of ideas and resources, supporting and empowering the handicraft sector in creating products of excellence to be edited in small productions and limited series. Based on an innovative creative approach, WHOMADE proposes unique design collections for the contemporary home, expression of a perfect synthesis between superb manufacturing and artistic inspiration. Ancient shapes and materials, symbols of memories and traditions, acquire a new personality and thus become the mouthpiece of new ideas and emotions. In collaboration with designer Michela Milani, we are ready to tell the whimsical soul of our products and the art of those who produce them.

All photos and text Copyright © WHOMADE.IT in collaborazione con MICHELA MILANI

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