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Responsible design, which we call GOODESIGN, is an essential tool for improving skills and resources, and for creating harmony – through beauty -between individual well-being and the common good. “WORK WELL, LIVE BETTER” means that there is a close and important relationship between working well and living well: the first of the two
deals with and tries to improve people, places and culture; the second is directly linked to justice, social cohesion and respect for the environment. All these factors are interlinked and produce efficient, effective and practical results. Spreading good models, providing examples, promoting meetings and relationships is necessary: this is why Goodesign was created for 2012, a collective grouping of creative professionals and businesses, and this is why we are repeating the experience in 2013 and enriching it with new stimuli.

CASCINA CUCCAGNA a former farm and farmhouse for a new public area
After years of abandon, and thanks to an important restoration initiative, the Cascina
Cuccagna (in Milan since 1695) is once more open to the city to welcome and support
creativity, the desire to participate and express civic duty on the part of individuals, groups
and associations. Shared vegetable gardens, restaurants and bars, agricultural workshops,
facilities for children and families, a bicycle workshop, hostel, farm shops, and open spaces
for events and projects go to make the Cascina Cuccagna a centre for initiatives and
community participation able to bring the country back into the heart of the city and offer a new way of living urban spaces.

  Ulian_L'essenza_e_l'eccesso_LattinaAranciataFrutto Ulian__L'essenza_e_L'eccesso_CollanteMillechiodiChiodi

“L’essenza e l’eccesso” supervised by Paolo Ulian
Within the garden area, an exhibition with the title “ L’essenza e l’eccesso” unfolds, under the eye of the designer Paolo Ulian and accompanied with the publication of the same name
published by Corraini. A pathway constructed in stages where answers that are either
“essential” or “excessive” are given to the same function, and which are intended to provoke reflection and generate awareness. The installation, a series of little tables/ balance made out of pinewood, has been created according to the designs of the Tuscan architect by the craftsmen of the Voce del legno brand which belongs to the family-run Effegieffe business.

Re-DoStudio_Re-DoneBicycle  MartijnKoomen_OurHouse Hendrik_FoldingVase  C-Fabriek_InnerFashion  

Martijn Koomen
The Dutch designer, from the Eindhoven Academy has built a minimal and poetic
prefabricated wooden house in the garden of the Cascina. Within there are ecodesign objects and furnishings signed by other young designers from this prestigious design school: Roel deBoer, Michiel Martens, Kirstie van Noort .
Tristan Kopp/ Re-Do Studio
Another young designer from the Eindhoven Academy has brought a series of bicycles to
Goodesign in the Ciclofficina container, where design meets self-production (all the
components are chosen and assembled by the customers).
The C-Fabriek project: a self-production fashion line from the Eindhoven Academy using
innovative and sustainable techniques, where a suit of cloche designed by young Dutch
designers takes shape within an hour. From process to product, an experience to be enjoyed live.
is the brand of the Dutch Van Riet Ontwerpers, specialized in creating design pieces between tradition and innovation, with the collaboration of community businesses. At Goodesign it is presenting a collection of vase made out of eco-sustainable material printed with designs inspired by Art (from Van Gogh to Bramante, up to the present day).

A project of Best Up with Cascina Cuccagna
Concept Clara Mantica and Giuliana Zoppis – Best Up with Giovanna Fra

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All images and text courtesy by press office goodesign

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