TASTE OF WOOD by Antonio Aricò

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Do you remember the Italian designer Antonio Aricò?

Here’s another piece of poetry applied to the design, as always, simple, natural, smart and funny.

Taste of Wood is a funny eulogy to olive
oil, to olive wood, to wooden furniture and
has for background the artisanal
techniques used to finish and preserve it.

As we all know, Olive oil can be used as well to
polish of the olive wood.
When you are sitting under an olive tree you
can dream about tasting some really good
Calabrese olive oil but not only! You can
also start thinking about your furniture and
start polishing them with passion.

A little tea spoon, a soft sponge,
an oil dispenser… a tender family
of products dedicated to serve olive oil,
to you, your table or your chair.
The collection Taste of Wood plays on
the theme “eatable materials” but without
loosing the essential ideas of utility
and quality in all the products.

Must visit his website

Text and image courtesy of Antonio Aricò





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