Click & Grow’s New Grow Light

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Click & Grow, designer of indoor smart gardens, continues to develop technologies that enable people to grow food in less ideal environments and bring the outdoors inside with the introduction of their new Grow Light.

The Grow Light’s safe LED technology only requires 3 watts of energy which equates to a marginal 2-3 dollars a year of additional electricity.  This is the perfect addition to our Smart Flower Pot, a high-tech and self-watering smart gardens that make growing plants indoors easy and carefree. Click & Grow’s nano tech growth medium supplies plant roots with the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients at any time. Mimicking the organic decomposition cycle of nature, Click & Grow’s growth medium is hormone-free, pesticide-free and fungicide-free.

For users with a sweet tooth, Click & Grow also adds a Sugar Leaf refill to their product lineup.  The leaves of this new refill can be used as a natural sweetener and contains steviol which is 300 times sweeter than sugar and completely safe. Sprouting can be expected within 7-14 days of installing the plant cartridge and its lifespan may vary from 10-18 months.

Click & Grow’s new Grow Light and Sugar Leaf Refill are now available at for $49.00 and $19.99 respectively.  Order now and receive free shipping until June 18th for all orders over $39.00.

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Images and text courtesy by Click & Grow / Max Borges Agency


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