Where The Hell Are My Keys

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where the hell are my keys 1

Simple and smart, i love it! And may be.. useful!

from fastcodesign

This Pointer Answers The Age-Old Question, “Where The Hell Are My Keys?”
This big, colorful arrow might help well-intentioned scatterbrains keep things in order.

You’re late again (no judgment). But at least you’re finally on the move, making your way out. Phone? Check. Wallet? Present. Keys? Argh.

Even the most highly organized folks have it in them to come home after a long day and leave a trail of essentials everywhere and anywhere beyond the front door. It’s a daily rite of passage for many well-intentioned scatterbrains to frantically search every domestic nook and cranny for those same essentials, which they then need to leave the house.

where the hell are my keys 2

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