WOOD.b wooden bicycles by BSG bikes

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Directly from Designboom an absolute masterpiece for us who love bikes and wood!

Created by french designers thierry boltz and claude saos of BSG bikes, the ‘WOOD.b’ is born is conceived as a high-quality urban bike, influenced by a passion for cycling. the conception incorporates the use of a unique frame system: it draws functional elements from traditional bike parts, but delivers a refined metal and layered wood veneer package. meeting european standards for safety and durability, the two-wheeled transporter provides an ease of mind with its easily maintainable configuration, making it repairable at any shop. set-up as a fixed gear, the ‘WOOD.b’ also incorporates wooden handle bars and splash guards for added style and presence.

Via Designboom

wood.b-wooden-bicycle-designboom01  wood.b-wooden-bicycle-designboom03






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