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Wood’d is the first Italian brand of wooden accessories for iPhone and iPad, designed and
produced in Italy. The highly aesthetic impact of products has allowed the exclusive
distribution through selected clothing stores.

Wood’d were caught by purity of geometry, so they tried to carry it in our collection. The result is a set of geometric patterns, laser-carved and polished by hand which create movement and give depth to all Wood’d objects.

The most famous and recognizable products of Wood’d belong to this range of items.
Skins and covers for iPhone, iPad standers, headphone wrapppers, made with the finest

A line that takes shape from the combination of two natural materials: wood and vegetable
tanned leather. They manufacture cases for iPhone and iPad, wallets, notebooks and

It ‘s the most recent line of Wood’d, we design and produce small pieces of furniture and
contemporary housewares . Such as modular magazine racks in birch plywood, docking

Info and shop www.woodd.it

Facebook: www.facebook.com/woodddesign

Photos courtesy by Wood’d by Algia Sas




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