E’terra Samara project by Farrow Partnership

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Innovation in addressing client’s requirements The E’terra Samara project takes the client’s bold 
eco-resort concept to the next level by making open connections with the natural beauty of this
UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.Twelve one-bedroom villas are designed for suspension in the trees
overlooking Georgian Bay. Rather than following the common practice of nailing to the tree, these
structures will hug the trees through a system of dynamic tension.
The tree house as building type evokes early memories of a secluded world that fueled the imagination 
with a fresh outlook on life in a natural setting.
It suggests a free spirit and positive approach to healthy living in contrast to spartan “health
retreats” that are rooted in a philosophy of deprivation. E’terra Samara provides guests with the
opportunity for sheltered yet direct contact with nature essentially allowing them to experience
“camping in the trees.” Decades of research indicate that there is an instinctive bond between human
beings and other living systems, known as biophilia.


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Photos and text courtesy by Farrow Partnership Architects Inc.

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