Glamping for Glampers by ArchiWorkshop

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Glamping Architecture by건축공방) offers a unique camping experience. Two types of Glamping units with contemporary design positioned in the middle of gentle korean nature. From the Glamping site, you have a view of the valley, miles of forest and the stream.
Why not create a Glamping that gives people a chance to experience nature closer, while also providing a uniquely designed architecture experience? These questions led to the creation of Glamping Architecture in Korea – a place where nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined for an exciting adventure.
We developed two types of Glamping units. Stacking Donut unit is inspired from pebble stones. And Modular Flow unit is designed for extendable structure by juxtaposing modular floor panels. These ideas behind stacking donut unit and modular flow unit are to offer high-standard accommodation in various places. We named them sea, dessert, creek, mountain, cave, forest, river and city. More


Photos and text courtesy by ArchiWorkshop

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