Canyon Urban Concept

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Canyon Urban Concept 1

Primo tentivo della Canyon di passare da bici da corsa a bici da città.

Direi davvero un ottimo inzio. A tutto stile.
Luci a dinamo integrato nel mozzo, sistema di chiusura nel retro sella e codice QR che dovrebbe garantire la rintracciabilità della bici.
Largo spazio al design fino al pedale salva scarpa.

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The Urban Concept is a new direction for Canyon, an opportunity to take their knowledge of design and materials to the street. It’s a highly integrated design, from the Supernova front and E3 rear light, powered by a SON dynamo hub, to the anti-slip pedals—comfortable regardless of footwear—and a stylish leather-covered basket that can be removed for shopping excursions.

A locking mechanism is located behind the seat tube and there’s a QR code on the top tube, recording the bike’s status and whether it has been stolen or not. If it has, Canyon offers a reduced-price policy for the owner. The Urban Concept is powered by a Conti® belt drive and a Sram Automatix two-speed hub, while Gilles Berthoud stainless mudguards protect the rider from spray.

Canyon Urban Concept 2

Canyon Urban Concept 3

Canyon Urban Concept 4

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