Mon Oncle, the portable barbecue

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Mon Oncle, the portable barbecue that travels with you RS Barcelona presents at Maison et Objet their vision of a barbecue, inspired by the vintage look and designed by Mermelada Estudio.
RS Barcelona reinterprets the classic concept of a barbecue with their new product model Mon Oncle. Closed, it’s an elegant briefcase with character and a vintage feel. A briefcase with a surprise. As, open, it is a portable tabletop barbecue: innovative, hard wearing and very useful. You can use it at home, on the terrace or balcony, one Sunday with your buddies after the game orany starry night with your closest friends. You can take it to the beach with the family or organize a picnic with your friends. Because Mon Oncle is portable you can take it with you anywhere, and enjoy a friendly barbecue in good company. Once the food has gone down and the barbecue has cooled, you can pack it up into a tiny space. Mon Oncle is quick and easy to dismantle and clean. Mon Oncle is available in three colours: Grey, blue and green, hues that are very vintage, very retro. The strap, which makes it into a real briefcase, is made of fabric with leather detailing. And it’s those little touches which give it its elegance, its personality. The barbecue is made of stainless steel covered in fire-resistant paint. The whole structure is perforated with tiny holes are designed not only for aesthetics. Those holes allow the air to flow making it more powerful and the grill hotter and making sure that the case doesn’t overheat. To use the Mon Oncle barbecue, RS Barcelona suggests you opt for coconut shell ecological charcoal for its properties: There’s no flame, it retains heat and generates very little smoke. On top of that, they don’t cut down trees to make it, as the raw material is coconut shells, without using or adding a single chemical additive. It’s 100% natural.

The designers The Mon Oncle barbecue has been designed by Mermelada Estudio. Every project from this Barcelona studio is a journey in search of that something special which is hidden in the everyday routines. A challenge, a creative adventure with a unique, fresh and original look. The designs from Laura Blasco, Juanmi Juárez and Álex Estévez mix ingenuity and poetry in perfect harmony.

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