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Hoop (Bluetooth Speaker), Lexon 2014 design Spalvieri / Del Ciotto

Contemporary is synonymous with sharing, today we share videos, images, thoughts, objects, music …Hoop is a powerful and portable bluetooth speaker that comes from the idea of sharing your music on the move. The portable speaker has two practical accessories that expand the possibilities of use. Wear it or attach it wherever you want, using the handy rubber cord, while a soft hook allows you to hang the speaker on the wall. The material and shape make it an object to take with us everywhere, from the skate with friends, to the meeting. Hoop has the same diameter of a Compact Disc, family size, for a new way of approaching and listening to music.

Info www.spalvieridelciotto.com

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All images courtesy by  © spalvieri / del ciotto  – Photos: Federico Villa

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